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tv   [untitled]    May 25, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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mechanism. so that's the good news i'm sorry >> i'm like my colleagues what they said their pleased and they notes the $5 million reduction is being worked out. i'm also i guess i'll see say that i hope you work that out and i don't want to see 7 point something million dollars and it sounds like you're making strides >> yes, it reflects the 10 for the traffic company and whatever the balance is to get up to the fourteen. we don't control the mayors
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budget but we hope it will include a reduction for the work order and we'll backlog that to the police department. i expect you'll all see the mayor's budget it's not final listed but will go down to the fourteen figure. you see in our work orders going over 65 in the next year. as the numbers are coming in they're coming in a little bit higher so we have anothers $2.5 million some to existing lines and to new line items we're going to figure out how to manage and we're still in
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discussions with the mayor's office. we need to pay these and this will come out of our operating budget. we understand some of them and some of them we don't understand. we have a 1.25 issue we need to resolve. so quickly i can run through the capital budget. last year, we approved a 5 capital plan the first two years
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. a we generally can't take highway funds for replacement to spend for other parts of the capital plan. some of the capital fell programs are saying you can shave some of them off for bike but the entire fleet pretty much the entire subway they're not flexible funds so the discretion we have to invest in the taxi system are to upgrade our facilities is relatively small and just to kind of further that point and this ties back to that
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structural deficit. on the capital side we have $12 billion worth the assets and a backlog of $2.2 billion. so to bring it up we need $5.10 billion over the next few years and we have about half of that. so we've a quarter of billion dollars over the year and that's not talking about the expansion of the system just getting what we have today in a state of good repair. when you add on the things we want to implement our bike and pedestrian strategy you can see the costs there. some of those are included in the capital budget.
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there are not fully funded either. the t e p and other elements of that are partially funded presuming that the capital plan t is pledged. so to get to the early question some possibility of transportation infrastructure, package which was what i referred to earlier. this has the vehicle license fee and the gop bond where we have grants that will be coming back to you for another issuance of revenue bond. we know there is a lively discussion about impact fees. so on the point of the bonds although this is not something really in our budget but since it's going to be coming to the
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budget and finance committee soon we've got 3 different streams of financing that will be coming our way. we're joining with the city we're going to come and seek your authorization for to tenacious our own plan. the cash is a few years out so the commercial part is basically very short term and very low increase financing. the big one i don't think
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authorization - we'd be seeking to issue revenue bonds this year and every couple of years thereafter keeping relative to our operating budget at a pretty conserve, you know, two to four percent level of the operating budget. we're trying to balance our needs today with the cost we'll have to pay to meet those needs. given the state of our infrastructure and the borrowing it's a good time to balance it in terms of reduced costs >> so muni has $2.2 billion in unmet capital needs this it's system; right?
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>> that's our backlog right now. so that's the value of assets that's past your current use today >> so 2.2 billion b; right? >>right. >> and it contains about 5 percent of the capital needs? >> not even - that doesn't address the state of good repair needs it addresses the t e p implementation to make the current assets perform better. the state of good repair is addressed through the general fund allocation that would provided us money for mid cycle over hallways and traffic signal upgrad
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upgrades. in terms of the b l f because you have that in here we're assuming we're going to rely on the funding for the back log. what's our confident level that money will actually go to transit? >> we're base on assumes on the 10 year capital plan. it doesn't say it goes to any particularly to muni or streets. it says we anticipate being able to provide certainty levels of general fund to see muni and streets. so we're relying on the approved capital plan that i advocated
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strongly for although it doesn't go very far to meet our needs it goes more than zero. it's not a vote of confidence but it abilities support to secure funding as evidenced by the he recent geobond. that's what we're relying on >> and going from zero dollars to something it's something but it's not combat. and i think you know this i think it's going to be a big, big political fight to make sure that the b o f is a general tax to make sure that that money goes to transit which is where it should go >> i have great confidence in
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the board of supervisors that this will happen. >> thank you, mr. reiskin any other items? >> that's what i had in terms of an overview. >> colleagues any further questions for mr. reiskin? >> thank you for being here we'll move to item 5 if you're still here please come up. and anyone else who wants to commit on item 57 please come on up to the microphone >> go to the next one over there. >> good afternoon. my name is jean woods i've been living in north beach since 1962
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continuously. i'm continual appearing before the board of supervisors in opposition to the subway but living in north beach i and others are not aware of the damage that's going to be inflicted on north beach. it was clear that the drilling was to constant 7 blocks further than the last station. and the tunneling is going to go halfway down the boulevard.
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aaron explained this because he's pretty smart and he was the president of the board of supervisors at the time it was approved. he said it was in difference to spur which is a private agency owned by lawyers. part of the urban research i if the record could reflect what the i r stand for. i don't why the city has to expend some much of this project. it's wishful thinking they'll be a phase thee since phase one was infinitely funded. it got pretty upset and it
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turnout that $70 million is being extended for this drilling and a minimum of 10 million to extracted mill student off of columbus. mta can save a lot of money and if heather rose would put his attention on to the funding you would see that. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hello, i'm a resident of north beach. i'm here to talk about the funding of the central subway as it relates to the overall mta. it seems like we're talking about the next few years there's
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an elephant in the room that no one oonlz the extra central subway the costs that are over subjected. the study shows there be l about a $400 million overrun. the money that this will cost - let's have a little slide here, i don't know if that will show up or not - so the >> sir if you would speak into the microphone. >> sorry. the typical subway will be four and a half million dollars short
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this will have to be make up with taxi fund or whatever. i'm interested in here there's a a project being done in north beach called the central beach project. it will run just fine without those extra tunnels and projects going into north beach. in addition to the federal funds there will be 9 million of city funds. my recommendation is to have a resolution by the board of supervisors >> thank you, sir. >> $70 million - >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please
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>> good afternoon howard wong. as an architect i've managed city budget for half my career so i've been following the budgets given the document that we could procedure. yesterday the mta board award the last contract for the major subway which mta reports in the case of $420 million over estimate. from what we understand from the examiner article oversight report indicates that it was known as october of 2012 that the central subway contingency
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amount had dropped to 65 million as the federal project oversight management required at least $460 million the 55 is over cost. from what we could gather we think the contingency may actually be around 3 percent. now in the context of projects you probably recognize for difficult deep tunneling much more excavation is needed. they recommend a $300 million contingency. there was a chance this project could reach $2 million.
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independent audits of muni projects say that projects go over 39 million the enabling subway is going over budget >> >> thank you. next speaker, please >> wouldn't is about nice to have muni fry the likes of you and me. and soon the prize is up to no more in a city cable car attraction. see some city action without a doubt it be nice to have muni free and i think that we could all agree soon the prices it up-and-up more nor. in the city sun rated number one is muni all free.
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to marry lee muni free. mayor lee and all free at least low fee. thank you city >> thank you, mr. paulson (clapping) >> okay. any members of the public who wish to commit or sing on item 5? >> okay public comments loss. thank you for being here. so colleagues could you have a motion to table item 5? >> already thank you very much again. i've called items 6 and 7 but before we start the presentation those are items that have been sponsored by supervisor wiener so i want to give supervisor a
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chance here >> thank you very much. before us today is a resolution authorizing the accusation of a property currently a parking lot on 24 street that would be converted into a public park. ? an incredible project that is a bottoms up kind of project. it's not a project where rec and park said let's do this. this is a grassroots project and built support step by step in the neighborhood in the department in city hall. this parking lot on 24 accounting street is the location of the farmer's market. it started after real foods shut
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adopt a number of years ago concerned residents came together to billed their own auction in the neighborhood. and i think people weren't sure lounge the farmer's market would last and year and years later here we go it is one of the few markets that the operated by the local folks. it's truly the town square of the neighborhood. down on 21st street it has no open space other than it's sidewalks. when the ministries determined it needed to sell to finance it's overdue retrofit and
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renovation. people were afraid we'd lose this critical space so people in the neighborhood came together and started building support to convert it into a public park as a permanent 7 gay day a week town square. they began to raise money and have about a half billion dollars to transform this parking lot. they began working with rec and park and we're here today to ask to use our open park accusation fund fund to purpose this project. i also want to note there are other projects that we would like to see happen.
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and we had initialing hoped we could bring several projects together to the board but for reasons beyond our control this is really the only project that is close to a position to be acquired you have to have buyers and so forth. and here in addition to being in a position to purpose the property it's actually quiet time sensitive because the folks have been patient until the city could purpose the property the ministries need to sell the property. and this land will be sold so i ask for your support on the
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accusation. and next is the code that the park could describe in more detail now this farmer's market will go take place were with that i'll turn it over to the department for presentation >> thank you supervisor wiener. i'm with the capital planning division. before i go into a little bit more detail on the valley accusation. just a little bit on the accusation process in 2000 proposition c was passed. and 5 percent of the money must be dedicated to the accusation of real property.
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it currently has a balance of $11.2 million so as of july 1st, we expect to have a little bit over $13 million in the accusation fund. over the past about 15 years recreation and park has acquired no prosperities and has ootsdz about 16 acres. our accusation policy was adopted in 2345068 and updated in 2013 it helps to prioritize and acquire real property. and it has guided us.
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a backbone is it's three goals to acquire properties in an area of high needs or located in an open space area and properties that have identified external for maintenance of the park and acquire properties that allow for a variety of recreational uses - >> excuse me. >> there's a policy nut place by the chapter for the open space fund and policies in rec and park that go furthering; is that correct? just to go fester on this criteria for choosing sites for
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the rec and park. if you put the slide back up it has the ability to raise funds that's significant but i'm going to support this, you know, support this, you know, this item. but there's certainty neighborhoods that have the ability to raise fund more than other neighborhoods and if that's the criteria it bans other neighborhoods. we're trying to make sure that we have equity. i'd like to proposes that park and rebecca propose if the neighborhoods can put in fund to raise for the park that those funds will